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Aside from the roaring engines and paint, American auto shows are as much about stories as anything else. Enthusiasts come to car shows to hear, tell and relive those stories because of the passion and respect they hold for that great automobile.

SO, WHAT’S THE STORY? Maybe your show car came off the assembly line to your grandfather, and enjoyed a well-maintained life as a four-wheeled family member making countless driving vacations, going on first dates, bringing soldiers home from wars and babies home from hospitals or maybe less lovingly cared for, your car was unearthed in your grandfather’s old barn, reduced to nothing more than a rusted body inhabited by chickens.But you heard her glory days still humming in that quiet frame, so with a lot of blood, sweat and dollars she’s here today, glistening in the sunshine and drawing smiles from strangers. If you haven’t picked up on it by now, we’ll just say it in three words: We Love Cars. 

When you bring your vehicle to an auto show, people want to know the story. Even if it’s just what’s under the hood, or maybe how much it cost when it was first built. Maybe the restoration details. It’s just important to tell ‘em what you’ve got, because yes, people really do want to know.

And it’s because we know this, along with loving cars that why we do what we do Because you love cars we think it’s is just the kind of thing you’d appreciate, and as for that little gem out in your garage... we think it’s time you told her story. 

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