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Terms &  Conditions

We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your products or Service, please contact us immediately.

Orders from Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing & Car Show Display Boards require prepayment in full. We require a credit card to facilitate rapid fulfillment of your order. We do not accept checks but you may use a money order, or wire transfers if you choose. Please be aware that forms of payment that require funds to clear into our account can delay your order. We will not ship orders until our bank has cleared your funds.

Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We do not recommend submitting your credit card information via email, you can call in your card information to us if you prefer. When providing credit card information, please include your order number, the type of card, the card number, the expiration date and your full name and billing address as it appears on the card.

When paying by credit card, you will be charged 100% of the amount stated on your Order Acknowledgment plus an estimate of the shipping charge and over runs. Once the order is shipped, any balance due or credit owed will be charged or refunded to your card as appropriate.

Information regarding account number and expiration dates will be held entirely confidential by Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and its representatives.

Credit Card Fraud is one of the fastest growing financial crimes in the United States. Because of this, Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards has put in place this fraud prevention policy, to protect both the cardholder and Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards

Individuals and/or companies ordering services should be aware that Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards captures certain information concerning orders for service, including but not limited to time, date, IP address and other information which may be used to locate and identify individuals attempting to commit or committing theft of service by means of Credit/Debit Card fraud.

Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards reserves the right to require photo identification and signature confirmation, etc., before we process any credit card order. If we request a valid form of photo identification or any other piece of necessary information, and do not receive it back within a specified amount of time, we will terminate your order.

It is the policy of Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards to report all forms of Credit/Debit Card fraud and/or attempted Credit/Debit Card fraud to the appropriate legal authorities, regardless of country of origin, and to vigorously prosecute individuals and/or companies that commit Credit/Debit Card fraud by means of charge-backs, use of fraudulent Credit/Debit Cards or other forms of Credit/Debit Card fraud.

If we notice any unusual activity on your account, we'll attempt to contact you to verify the charges and get your approval before allowing any additional activity.

If you suspect that fraudulent charges have been placed on your credit card, or someone has used your personal information to commit theft, you are encouraged to please call.

Once received and verified, all hard copies of the documents will be shredded and disposed of in a secure facility.

A purchase order (PO) is a commercial document issued by a buyer (your company) to a seller Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards, indicating the type, quantities and agreed prices for products or services the seller will provide to the buyer. Sending a PO to a supplier constitutes a legal offer to buy products or services. Acceptance of a PO by a seller usually forms a one time contract between the buyer and seller. No contract exists until a signed PO is accepted by the seller Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards

POs are generally issued by large corporations, schools, and government agencies.

By submitting a PO, you are merely stating that you are agreeing to pay for the products you are ordering. The PO itself does not constitute payment.

We will be happy to set up a corporate account. Credit review may take up to 10 business days and production will not begin on orders until the review process is complete. If your order is urgent, please use a credit card or call us to make other arrangements.

If you are granted payment terms, you agree that if you are late paying your invoice, a 1.5% finance charge or the maximum charge permitted by law may be assessed against all accounts with past due balances. You agree to pay all the company's reasonable attorney's fees and all collection agency fees incurred in the collection of any amount owed hereunder and not paid when due.

If your item is not available in our section, we may still be able to produce the item by your deadline. Rush orders and going beyond the call of duty are our specialty and we enjoy the challenge of delivering the impossible. If you are interested in placing a rush order please contact a Customer Care Representative at or call us at 407-891-2111. In most cases, there will be an additional rush charge added to your order.

We endeavor to ship your products to your desired destination by the most economical means given your specified date and production limitations. This is typically UPS Ground. In some cases where product is extremely heavy, another common carrier may be used.

All orders are shipped FOB (freight on board) factory. All goods become your property at the time they are accepted by the carrier. We guarantee that your items will leave the factory on or before the ship date specified on our Order Acknowledgment. Once the goods leave the factory, we cannot be held responsible for loss or delay by common carrier or by 'acts of God' or any other cause beyond our control. We will typically notify you with tracking information within 24 hours of shipment. If you have any questions or problems, please call customer care 407-891-2111 for assistance.

Factory shipment or delivery dates are the best estimates of our suppliers, and in no case shall Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing be liable for any consequential or special damages arising from any delay in delivery. If your shipment is damaged or lost in transit, you will be responsible for the full invoiced amount of the items.

Additionally, the contents of the Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing website, including, but not limited to, the arrangement and assembly, text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips and software, are copyrighted materials owned by Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards

No IP may be used in a vulgar, illegal, and/or unlawful manner. Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards assumes no responsibility for damages or any wrong doing that the purchaser may cause using IP.

Your submittal of an online order and/or your signature on our Order Acknowledgment is a conditional acceptance by Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards of your offer to purchase our goods and your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards is required by law to collect all applicable state and local taxes for services and goods shipped to Florida. Customers in other states may be required to remit us taxes. Please consult your tax advisor. Companies, individuals and organizations who are exempt from sales tax should provide us with a copy of their resale certificate by emailing

Once an Order Acknowledgment is approved, we cannot guarantee our ability to make changes or cancellations to an order. Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards will make every commercially reasonable effort to comply with your request.

In addition, you are liable to pay the agreed upon price for any work that may have been completed up to the time that we are able to cancel your order. These charges may include, but are not limited to, setup charges, artwork preparation charges, shipping charges and restocking fees. All completed work and costs incurred will be the responsibility of the customer. All cancellations must be made either by email. No verbal cancellations will be accepted.

If you have any problems with your order please contact customer service at 407-891-2111 within 5 days of receipt. We advise opening your merchandise to review its quality even if you do not intend to use it right away. Please have your order number available. WE DO NOT ACCEPT UNAUTHORIZED RETURNS. If any problem arises, please call customer service immediately. If appropriate, we will issue an RMA number (Return Material Authorization) and provide you with a special shipping address.

We try to produce your order in the exact quantity ordered, but this is not always possible due to quality control efforts and fast running machines. We reserve the right to ship and subsequently bill or credit, your charge card or account, for up to 10% over or under the desired quantity.

We endeavor to provide clear and color-correct product images on our site that best reflect the true nature of the products. However, web site images are inherently limited in their ability to communicate color, scale, and detail. We want to remind customers to be careful about making assumptions about products from the site image alone. We strongly urge our customers to order actual samples. If you choose not to evaluate a physical sample, we cannot be held responsible for the difference between the image as it appears on your monitor and the final product.

You may access and view the Content (as defined below) appearing on this Website for personal, non-commercial use only. You may download and/or copy certain portions of the Content for personal, non-commercial use only, provided that you (a) retain all copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices contained on the Content, (b) do not modify or alter the Content in any way and (c) do not make the Content available to any third party. Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards reserves complete title and full intellectual property rights in any Content that you download from this Website.

You agree to use this Website only for lawful purposes. The following activities are strictly prohibited: (i) misrepresenting the identity of a user; (ii) tampering with this Website; and (iii) conducting fraudulent activities.

The Megamalls, Inc dba St Cloud Printing and Car Show Display Boards logo and trademarks, as well as other marks, trade names, trademarks and logos on this Website, are the properties of their respective owners. You may not use, reproduce, copy or manipulate such logos in any manner without the prior written consent of the owner.

By accessing and using this Website, you agree that your access and use of this Website is subject to the Terms and Conditions, and all applicable laws, as governed by the laws of the State of Florida, without giving effect to any principles or conflicts of laws.

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